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Young Children Wearing Jewellery - Amber Teething Necklaces

Have you noticed an increasing trend in young children wearing jewellery? If you have then don’t be alarmed for the world isn’t going mad with piercing little tots or allowing them to wear bling! What you are actually seeing as first-hand evidence of the growing trend and phenomenon that is the amber teething neck lace craze. Most likely if you have seen any amber jewellery on any other children in your area then it will have been in neck lace or anklet form.

The reason for wearing it is simple - children suffer from teething problems just as you and I did when we were their age. And it has been found that the Amber pieces that make up an Amber teething necklace possess a substance known as succinic acid which is said to work wonders in almost completely alleviating this pain.

It’s not a secret. In fact Amber has actually been around for millions of years and its roots can be traced to the very heartlands of Europe within the Baltic area of the continent. Trees that have grown their millions of years ago have fossilised and it’s this fossilised tree resin that is used to create the amber pieces that go into making a genuine Baltic amber teething necklace.

The succinic acid is much like healing oil that when it is heated by the skin begins to make its way to the wearer’s body and infects their brain in a good way by dampening any feelings of pain and calming them at the same time. You might think that a piece of jewellery like this should be chewed on all would be designed to place in the mouth but this is something that is totally not true and is actually very dangerous. Since these are small pieces of material that a young child can easily choke on one should never let a young child partake in this type of action. Instead, simply allow them to wear the neck lace or anklet when you are keeping a close eye on them.

This combined with the safety features included that are made up of the safety clasp and the security feature that allows only one piece of amber to fall off if the line that is holding the pieces together breaks is probably the best that can be done in order to reduce the dangers of choking strangulation hazards. Whether safety features on an Amber teething necklace can only do so much, the rest really is up to you and how responsible you are as a parent. We can’t stress highly enough the importance of always having your child under your supervision as they wear something with small pieces of this nature for you always know that children are inquisitive and will try their best to either places in their mouth or break it.

Of the many myths that we have seen surrounding Amber teething necklaces the one that needs most cold water poured upon is the one that claims that lighter coloured amber gives the most healing properties. We don’t know where this originated but our guess is that it probably originated from somebody who only had light coloured amber to sell! Don’t fall for this rumour as speaking as somebody who knows, it really doesn’t matter what colour the amber pieces are so long as the Amber teething neck lace you are using is made of genuine Baltic amber that floats when placed in salty water and hails from the Baltic regions of Europe.

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