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Ill Fitting Saddle? - Start Searching For New Saddles For Sale!

If your horse is suffering from back problems then the most likely culprit is an ill fitting saddle. To determine if this is the problem you can consider riding him with a different saddle or even with no saddle at all. If the problem seems to be going away after a few weeks then you will know that the problem indeed lies with the saddle that you have chosen for him.

This isn’t just a problem that new horse saddle owners face. The problem can begin at any stage during the horse’s lifetime since they are constantly growing and outgrowing saddles that you might have already thought to be suitable for their size. Just like how you and I need to replace clothes that we have grown out of, a horse also needs a new saddle for sale every once in a while. The amount of time between the saddle changes can vary depending on the type of horse that you own and speed that he is growing at, but as a general rule of thumb you could say that you will need to buy at least three different sized saddles for your horse throughout his lifetime.

Obviously when the horse is young he will develop more in size and stature, but even as your horse get older, with bold shrinkage you might find that you need to go back to a smaller sized saddle. If you don’t change the saddles for sale on time you will likely find that you begin to rock backwards and forwards in motion that is not comfortable for either you or your horse. This rocking motion is actually quite far for the horse and can damage his back is irreparably.

A qualified veterinarian or saddle fitter is the best people to speak to if you think that your horse is suffering from back problems brought on by the saddle that you are using with him. As you get more accustomed to horse saddles for sale you will eventually be able to recognise and rectify these type of problems as they occur, but in the beginning and if you don’t know the exact cause of the problem then it is best to speak to one of these qualified persons.

The good news is that if you do need to buy a new saddle for your horse then you don’t have to just make do with the limited selection that your local saddle store has to offer. With the invention of the internet comes a selection of saddles for sale that simply wasn’t available to horse riders and jockeys in the past. The problem with this is that sometimes this selection can be somewhat overpowering and lead you to forget what is important for your horse.

Don’t get carried away with the shiny horse saddles for sale that lay before you online. You should always stick to one simple rule and that is that you are buying the saddle for your horse and not for yourself. If this doesn’t make sense to you then perhaps we can portray as a little better - your horse needs a saddle that is going to fit him and make him comfortable as he carries your fat arse around all day! He won’t know if the saddle cost you $40 or $500. The only thing that he cares about, and hence the only thing that you should care about too, is whether or not the saddle will be the perfect fit for both of you. Comfort is everything with selecting new saddles for sale for your horse.

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