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Purchase The Mackeeper Lite Version

At one point or another while surfing the web you may have encountered pop-ups on Mackeeper telling you that your computer has been infected or that it is running low on disk space. These are in fact ads from Kromtech who are the developers of the program, enticing you to trial the software for up to 15 days.

Coming complete with this trial are a suite of 16 powerful mini tools which acts to safeguard your Mac or MacBook Pro against online security threats and hackers, while keeping your system operating at full potential and speed.

For just 39.95 euro you can purchase the Mackeeper lite version which to be honest is a little bit of a waste of money since you are not really getting all of the options available that come with the premium or standard versions of the program. The standard version of Mackeeper without using a Mackeeper coupon code will set you back 59.95 euro while the premium version costs 89.95.

Each version comes complete with a bundle of 16 powerful miniature applications, and just as you would expect with any other anti-virus program, the price for each must be renewed annually. However, only the premium version gives you full access to priority support, a 24/7 call centre or geek on demand (which is a personal technical geek there to give you any information on any problem related to your computer that you may have).

You may believe that Macs don’t need to have an antivirus software installed but you would be wrong. Malicious hackers have found many ways to exploit your online activity and nowadays can easily access your precious files with a genuine threat of destroying hard work and stealing your personal information. Don’t just take our word for it, even CNET has given Mackeeper a positive review.

Defending you from hacking attempts is not all that Mackeeper can do, and with its bundle of tools comes many other options including the ability to create backups of your files, system cleanup, data encryptor and disk cleanup options.

Besides all of these is the “shredder” option which will totally eliminate any trace of any file that you want to remove from your system, and not even a trained police officer would be able to locate it.

You would think that with all these tools it would be quite a learning curve to get to know how to use the software but you wouldn’t believe just how easy it is to use and how effective it is for your Mac OS. Despite having a number of almost similar but always lacking competitors such as Bitdefender, Onyx, and Internet security for Mac, Mackeeper has risen and stayed at the top for one simple reason – It works!

Personally speaking, when I first ran the disk cleanup option on my home computer, straightaway it saves me almost 20 GB of space by finding and deleting a whole cluster of duplicate files and folders while compressing others and encrypting others that I wanted to hide from any prying eyes.

Although I am quite skilled at using a Mac at one stage I did run into a personal problem, and after getting in touch with the geek on demand option through the software’s interface, in just a matter of minutes I was back up and running in no time. The interface itself is exactly how I would like it to be where to be my program that I designed myself, with a clear layout and all of the mini tools listed in a simple layout on the left-hand panel. When you click on any of these options, the middle screen then displays exactly what they do and how to use it. Each time you open Mackeeper and go through these options, you will then see exactly when you last ran the module, and how much disk space it has saved in total.

As the saying goes, “you’ve tried the rest, then try the best!”. Just before we wrap up, I should point out that this is a personal Mackeeper review based on my own opinion, having use the software for more than three years, and that I am in no way personally affiliated with Kromtech, Zeobit, or Mackeeper.

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