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Regular Dolls vs Silicone Babies

The difference between regular dolls that children play with and silicone baby dolls is huge. Just by casting an admiring look in their direction you can immediately see the level of detail that goes into making one of these silicone babies. They are often hand crafted porcelain or silicone dolls the ability that are so realistic That Are so Realistic you might even think that you are looking at a real-life baby.

There are some people who collect them as a hobby, but for others it becomes more of an obsession. Personally speaking, we have heard of some people who have spent more than $10,000 buying and building silicone babies from kits. This would be fine if the goal was to sell them on eventually and turn a profit, but the people that we have heard to take up collecting them in this way have no intention of selling them and literally hoard them in any knock and cranny in their house that they can find.

The best silicone babies for sale are custom-made, but even models that are made from a mould are better than factory produced by the thousands models. This is because there is so much work to do on making the baby doll as realistic as possible that it simply wouldn’t be able to be done had the manufacturer planned on mass-producing them.

Almost all the parts that are added to silicone babies at manually added by hand. You can see this in great detail by looking at any of the body parts, realistic hair or dainty little clothes that silicone baby dolls wear.

Owning just one of these dolls is probably enough room so we are happy with our collection of one. We don’t feel that she will get lonely or anything like that sits at the end of the day she is just an inanimate object. There are people who think this way however! We would recommend buying a silicone baby doll room to anybody who is interested in owning a lifelike replica baby. From the cute mohair right down to the beautifully hand-painted nails on their silicone body parts, if you invest in one of these you are investing in somebody’s dedicated hard work and craftsmanship.

Of course speaking of them this way is simply referring to them as being collectable dolls, but there are other uses for them as well. Young teenagers are often burdened with the task of caring for a silicone baby doll as a way of showing them how difficult it can be in looking after a real baby. Once they see how difficult it is to constantly have to care for a crying and hungry lifelike looking doll they soon realise that perhaps the idea that they have in their head of having their own little baby is not all that it cut out to be.

Other uses for silicone babies after teaching young children the anatomical make up of the body. With anatomically correct silicone baby dolls for sale, it easy for young children to learn what other little boys and girls look like “down below”.

You don’t have to buy a fully made or done for you silicone baby doll. If you are somewhat artistically creative you can actually save money by just ordering a silicone baby doll kit and sourcing the rest of the materials yourself. This will take a little bit of effort to find the pieces and paints that you need, but this is by far the most cost effective and enjoyable method that we have found.

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